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Many people have wondered what Droon, UAV, UAS are. How do you work? InterSET It is recommended to know each other.

Drone, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)   

Drone, also known as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), is an “unmanned aerial vehicle” The role is very much in the present. Many people already know that Dorn or UAV is widely used in entertainment. Whether it is taking a photo or video from a high angle. Used to broadcast live sports or concerts, but actually, Dorn or UAV is not only used in entertainment. It can also be used in the military as well. Back in the early days. Soldiers use unmanned aerial vehicles to spy on enemy areas. Or maybe ordered to attack to release weapons to the enemy is damaged. It has the advantage. People do not have to risk it. At present, the technology of unmanned aircraft has been developed. Can be used in a variety of formats, such as.

  • Used to take pictures or videos from high angle.
  • Used in various live.
  • Used in fertilizer application. Or spraying chemicals in agriculture.
  • Used in shipping. Now companies like Google and Amazon are continually developing.
  • Used in traffic surveys. And geographic information.
  • Used to search for victims. In difficult access areas.

At present, drone or UAV are commonly used as Multi Rotor or Multi Copier. Each propeller will have its own motor. The shape is similar to a helicopter, but there are more propellers. The most popular is a 4-propeller and 6-propeller. Aircraft control of unmanned aircraft uses software to control, such as remote control. And automatic control using a self-flying system, which requires complex computer programs already installed in the aircraft.

At InterSET We provide aerial photography and spatial data creation with world class UAV with Aeryon Scout.

UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System)

UAS is an unmanned aerial vehicle control system by both Drone and UAV, controlled by humans from the ground. Or controlled by a computer.


Aerial photography

  1. I will take Droon to fly. Must choose an area And see the coordinates on the map.
  2. Plan to fly How will the plane fly? But do not fly with the wind. It will fly in less space. And use a lot of energy. The machine will fly for about 30 minutes, but in this case it depends. If the wind may be flying for about 20 – 25 minutes to see if it should return the machine. All risks are up to the operator.
  3. Before flying. We need to set the space for it. Must be set in the program to fly. The flight will fly by a rectangular frame. Fly back and forth on the Waypoint that we set during the flight, it will take a picture. But if we want to focus on a specific point. We set the program to fly around that point around a circle, it will be a 3D image can see that point around.
  4. Need to use the program in flight. But we do not have to fly forever. Just force the machine up.
  5. Once the photo has been taken. The picture will come out as a small picture. And the image will reside around 60 – 80%, then the next image with a general image editor, such as Photoshop, or use the program by aptitude. It will be a larger image. If you use the Pix4D program, we will get the height and GPS coordinates, then the image. When the program finishes processing The program will handle the same image. The image will burst out into a grain called Point cloud. When enlarged the image is larger, it will see that the image is small. Like a pigmented down over it. The Pix4D program can answer the problem of flying aerial photography quite ever.
  6. If you want to video, then set the point in the program that you want to video, then it will be exported as a video.

InterSET A leading provider of aerial photography. This helps organizations. Can detect and convert physical data from air to digital format. They can also open the information they collect in their insights. Nowadays, such solutions are widely used. Especially, customers in various industries such as utilities, construction, agriculture, transportation, mining, oil, and gas, etc. InterSET One of the most experienced aerial photographers in the world. Highly efficient. Equipped with advanced analysis techniques. And professional operating services.

A sample Aerial Photography InterSET

Point Cloud

Orthor Photo

3D Photo

Digital Surface Model

Application of aerial photography in the industrial sector.

  • Wires and utilities Using drone for aerial photography Make the infrastructure inspection of the wiring and utility industry faster. More secure and accurate. It is more effective than traditional methods. As well as surveillance and security in the area, it is still possible.
  • Construction Land surveying and construction Using air technology will save you time and money. Make timely land survey information. Accurate and secure Data solutions automatically generate advanced analytics, such as map creation, digital surface modeling, Point cloud 3D, and more. Drone can detect data even at high points. Or in the map of the path. Information obtained from Drone can be used immediately.
  • Agriculture and forestry Aerial photography is a new approach. For work, agriculture and forestry This reduces the cost and increases the efficiency of the business. The benefits of using aerial photos, such as orchard management, crop tracking, forest survey, to understand the abundance of forest in that area. The data collected from aerial photographs can be analyzed for the cause and effect. It is very useful for agriculture and forestry. It can be seen that the aerial photography to see the results. More interesting than solving the same problem.
  • Rail and road Aerial photography is a great choice for the transportation industry. Can explore the traffic. Can map both the train and the road. The image is high resolution and accurate. Suitable for use in transportation industry.
  • Mine Mining industry involves excavation. Profitability often depends on the ability of the team to perform. To optimize the job While minimizing costs. The important condition is to determine the amount of soil to dig. Using aerial photography is a quick and cost-effective way to explore terrain. It can also interfere with the points. Want to explore as well.
  • Oil and gas InterSET Businesses involved in aerial photography. We understand the work of field operators, the difficulties and the conditions they face every day. We believe that technology can be used for this work. Using aerial photography The solution to the oil and gas industry is very. This is a comprehensive solution, such as pipeline damage surveys, aerial mapping to see roads, pipelines, oil depots, or inaccessible areas.


With intercity unmanned aircraft With the UAV family of capabilities, we can capture high-resolution aerial photographs. And create a 3D Point Cloud to bring those aerial photos. To use in analytical Geo Analytic to continue.

Point Cloud is a collection of points in three dimensions. Stores the position of an object in X, Y, Z coordinates for use in 3D modeling on a computer.


InterSET Experienced in aerial photography. Our service is highly efficient. We work according to customer needs. Our aerial photos are high resolution images. And we intend to work all out. The advantages of flying aerial photography are: Let us know the physical changes of the areas. Compared to photos taken at different times. Or will the forest. Because aerial photos make us aware of the abundance of forests in various areas. To set the conservation and development. It can be seen that aerial photography is also meeting the needs of users in the industry as a whole. Agriculture and forestry, energy and utilities, mining, oil and gas, railways and roads.

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