Custom Software Development

In the age of the world is awake with the flow of information technology to improve a working process in the organization. Thailand has policy “Thailand 4.0 ‘’ follow by digital transformation principle which will not change every working process from manual to digital immediately but must consider what the main job of company or organization and what is leading job of organization which achieves the highest revenue and profit. These jobs must transform first which cause every organization to adapt by striving to develop internal systems and customer service in accordance with current technology and support new technology in the near future.

Custom Software Development


Key factors in selecting a developer to develop the system to answer those questions. Intersect company proposed that we should give priority 3-4 topics.

  • Performance : The system or software that developed need to create a response on the question of how to increase the efficiency of working performance in the organization to reduce invisible cost, expense from lost opportunity or expense from mistaken. System or software also can increase sales, increase customer group, Increase production capacity and make the executive view more wide and clear that called “System or software effective ‘’.
  • Speed : Speed in terms of system performance or software and including speed which can reduce manual working process and create more cooperation among people in the organization to use the system and software.
  • Simplicity : Simplicity of user in all levels of organization and customers related to the system. This will decrease resistance in the first phase of the Transform and if the system or software will work based on an experience of the ICT system (User Experience: UX) and user-friendly.
  • Quick Troubleshooting after start working system.

Four as mentioned above, how can we prove that? The contractors have the capability to produce enough products based on four topics above. So, Intersect Company bring certification of standardization development world-class for checker which is CMMI. Companies that were certified of a working system are not easy. Software development process requires a documentation of the work process until after-sale service which meets the criteria of CMMI.



Intersect team has more than 40 lives which divide function in each role of software developers clearly which is Project Manager (PM) , Business Administrator (BA) , System Analyst (SA)  , Graphic Designer and UX / UI designer (Graphic Designer: GD) , Database Administrator (DBA)  , System Tester (ST) and System Quality Assurance (SQA) to ensure that software output was sent to the user and expected that all four topics which are an efficiency software to the organization and It is fast to use and operate. It is easy and stylish for every user and when need solves troubleshooting can contact for help immediately to software manufacturer.

Project Team


Based on the experience of Intersect which service to government and private, we have a working guideline to understand our customers. Our team Integration standardized working processes of CMMI procedures and operation for a product that flexible to adjust by using Scrum methodology based on Software Development Life Cycle Guidelines (SDLC) like AGILE.



So, it can be assured if you entrust the trust to Intersect to be part of your system development. An organization will receive system or software that have a positive effect on organizational change and raise the level and increase capability in competitive 4.0 age.

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Processes within the software process improvement standard.

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