Develop Applications on Mobile Devices

Using mobile applications is a great way to increase productivity. The system has the information to nourish. It’s easy to use. This will allow your business to be more agile and add value to today’s demanding customers and help manage Big Data as the first application. Or to continue the application. To adjust your organization’s business strategy.

Develop applications on mobile devices for Android and iOS

InterSET Develop high-performance mobile applications. Has developed rapidly It is fast to use. You can use your budget effectively. This is an important process in impressing the customer. We can create mobile software for both Android and iOS high-quality applications.

InterSET Development Team Includes expert direct app creation. From the point of view of counseling. To publish The process of our work.

Develop Applications on Mobile Devices


Why Many Companies Choose to Design and Develop Applications with us.


  • Consulting with clients.
  • Design a beautiful and modern application.
  • Easy to use application.
  • Introduce Native or Hybrid for the applications that customers need.
  • During development We have applications for customers to try.
  • Thorough testing before delivery.
  • Deliver on time.

Native or Hybrid?

There are two ways to develop mobile applications: Native and Hybrid. InterSET Can recommend what is best for the customer. The development of Native and Hybrid is the difference.

Native Apps


  • It’s an Android app that develops one iOS.
  • Suitable for advanced graphics applications and games.
  • Access all hardware and phones directly.
  • Take longer to develop and cost more than a hybrid.

Hybrid Apps


  • It’s an Android and iOS app.
  • Perfect for business apps, Social aptitude or Intermediate Apps.
  • Access to hardware and phones But not all
  • Code sharing helps save time and money on development.
Design แอพพลิเคชั่นบนมือถือ


Highlights of Mobile Application Development at InterSET

To develop our applications. This will help to make the website more complete information easy to input because customers will update information faster. Easy to use, no need to open the computer to the site. Then put the information. Or upload a picture. This is just a mobile phone. Open the photo application and upload it. Or if it is an application on a project. It will be able to find projects around. The area where the customer is with a mobile phone.


Breakthroughs in Mobile Application Development

The application development phase is divided into 3 phases.


  • Phase 1 System Design and Analysis We will have a team to keep the needs of customers. There is a graphic design team that designs the application. When all the design is done. The customer confirmed that took this. Next, it goes into the stage of development.
  • Phase 2 development, we have a DEV development team. In our development, most will develop into Sprint. In Sprint 1 will probably take about 1 to 2 weeks to develop. Once completed, Sprint 1 is sent out to Test. During the development phase, about 2 Sprint may be removed. The system has been tried before. Once developed, it will be sent to the Tester team.
  • Phase 3 testing, we will test the system that the system has an error, there are parts that need to be fixed. Before you send the work to the customer.

Why You Should Choose InterSET

With our multi-year mobile app development expertise, you can help you succeed with mobile strategy. InterSET It will help you to develop the most appropriate application. With expert team We are dedicated to developing the best applications. Work with enthusiasm To complete all tasks. Not only because we try to impress the customer. But these are the basis of the working attitude of every project.

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