Shooting Simulation

Simulation is a collection of methods. Used to simulate real or system behavior. The computer program (Software) helps to study the flow of activities in various ways. The data is collected. And analyze the correct format from the computer program to improve in the future.

In work on the Simulation, there is one vocabulary, LVC Simulation by “ LVC stands for Live, virtual and constructive, based on the principle of Simulation for modern practice have classified the simulation of training based on the characteristics of human participation and the level of realism in the training environment using training aids. ”

The LVC definition is US Department of Defense described in the table below.

 EnvironmentGet trainingExample
Live (L)TruePeople practice realBB Gun Training, Cliff simulation
Virtual (V)Simulation with computer equipment and systemsPeople practice realF-16 Flight Simulator
Constructive (C)Simulation with computer equipment and systemsVirtual do not use peopleWar Game like JTLS system

Live is a simulator that uses people to practice in the simulation system. Use training equipment is similar to the real. It has been modified to fit into the practice, such as fake bullets, fake bombs, etc., but still trying to create environments close to real conditions. Like some systems, none enemy or some systems used enemy real.


Virtual is a simulation that uses the training environment. This is what a computer system simulates, such as light, sound, or response effects from a system that is reflected the trained.


Constructive is a simulation of the participants get training. And the training environment. This is what the computer system simulates.



Advantages of Simulation

  • Actual work Can not do the experiment.
  • Elimination of problems beyond expectations.
  • Save both money and time.
  • Find the right approach or scenarios.
  • Reduce the risk of errors.
  • Increases opportunities and decisions.

Simulation has many forms, such as in the game format, but it is not 100% realistic because the game is for fun. Interset uses VBS3 software to create a simulation. the software is purchased from abroad. And we are a distributor in Thailand.

Simulation can simulate real situations, such as making room to train the plane. And simulate plane 1 person per aircraft 1 machine training 10 flight simultaneously a machine. or as scheduled. It must be planned to fly in any way. When was done, it flew. Then come to see the results. View Profile Who has the error. The error will be corrected and developed to be ready in the future.

Steps to Create a Shooting Simulation

  • Start with map page. It can be 3D. The map is already available with the program. Need a map other than what the program has to offer. Must be built manually.
  • Place the desired unit, such as positioning the villain. Then put the military position and then simulate by AI (Artificial Intelligence). Play yourself that If the invasion was to attack the villains, how would it be. And AI can put options on what to do AI is like. Simulation of human events we can put a lot of events the computer will select the appropriate event in that event.
  • In case you want to create a new person. The bone structure of the people real. For realism Because the movement of people will move along the bone structure.


In Shooting Simulation we can set the shooting position. How many shots can I score? Or shot to death. Shooting Simulation of Interset company We have both standing targets, sitting and sleeping to have more precision in shooting. Target in the shooting. Interset company new design and gun BB Gun we use as a gas gun. The new design uses wind instead. Do not put ammo.

The software we use can also do Report we shot the target, how many points, how many meters, take a few seconds to the shooting, training days, training time, etc. But if shooting people or characters The report will say. When did the trainer see the enemy? how much distance, shoot any part of the body etc.


Interset can do Simulation to meet the needs of customers. We can design to indicate what the customer needs. Because VBS3 software we use can work in many ways, Not just shooting simulation, Standard shooting scene development, Shooting the target, Simulation. We refer shooting, target shooting from the FBI course. FBI standards apply because the FBI is a universal standard We take the principle to improve with our Simulation to provide realistic training and FBI equivalent. The inspiration we got from the FBI as shooting the target, Distance used with short rifles or rifles etc. We want the trainers to be as smart and precise as the FBI. (Reference: FBI)

(Reference: FBI)


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