Web Portal for Integrated System

At this phase, there are several government agencies start a project in feature of information integration from many system which are develop at different time on different solutions and can exchange information which have mutual benefit or integrate data from those systems to management of government agencies for example deputy Permanent Secretary, Permanent Secretary and minister see statistical data, graphs, numerical and thinking way. Data integration in the same place. This may be used the words by people who create a website a long time ago that is portal or web portal. (Web Portal)

For private section which having web portal which provides full customer service and makes customer satisfaction in online transactions that have good results both in terms of cost savings and quick access to a client. Portals may be available for sale of consumer goods or for customer access to self-service. So it will be seen that the web portal is one of the most effective tools to turn your organization into an E-Cooperation is also appropriate to create long-term relationships with the customer.

Web Portal


One of the key point to create a web portal within an organization is integration information from many internal departments at department level, section level, agency, ministry or integration information from external like government and private sector exchange or sharing information. Good integration should base on a standard of global exchange and information sharing, for example, Thailand uses TH e-Gif which intersect company has many experiences in these kinds of project.

The important technology for web portal creation is web service creation which is technology that can develop an architecture of software follow the principle of SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) Wen service is component software that may be function or module which have business process by using XML as standard of data exchange that not depend on platform or language. It may be used NET, PHP or JAVA.




‘’ Web service is a software system which designed to support data exchange between computer through network by language that use to communicate between computer is XML and notation of Javascript name JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) which allow us to call any component in any system or any platform in HTTP protocol which is protocol for world wide web or internet which is accepted channel for communicate between application and application in present “

Web Portal for Integrated System


Interset has experience in system development in term of a web portal to many large government organizations which is the main ministry in the country and large private companies that have the various system which needs integration into web portal by our solution is pulling the amount of significant information through web service to the web portal. This information can be linked to a new perspective based on data from many sources and leading to big data in the organization to enter data analytic process. It will be the direction and strategy for developing strategy and marketing.

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